Tassellations Bellydance

Tassellations 2014

Tassellations is Zia and Kezmaya, who met while taking classes with The Goddess Dancing. A pair of Type A women in a Type B art form, they recognized each other as kindred spirits almost immediately, and put their complimentary inclinations to work by recording their choreographies in spreadsheets and counting beats like there was no tomorrow. They later went on to take classes together with Phoenix Avathar, Melina of the Daughters of Rhea, Nadira Jamal, and OmBellyCo. They are currently on a troupe hiatus.

To Contact Tassellations


zia (at) tassellations (dot) com


kezmaya (at) tassellations (dot) com

Photo of Tassellations by Kathy Camire. Solo photos of Zia and Kezmaya by RT2 Photography.