Tassellations Bellydance


As a youngster, Kezmaya played instruments and sang in amateur groups and also dabbled with making clothing and jewelry. After the wage earning years arrived, these activities gradually ceased. Fast forwarding a few years, she took up yoga to counteract the stress and physical stagnation of said years. A side benefit of this activity was more coordination and open mindedness, which led to trying belly dance when the opportunity arose. She ended up taking classes with The Goddess Dancing for several years, in particular working with Karen. Zia took classes with TGD as well, and over a summer break persuaded Kezmaya to try tribal improv and tribal fusion with Phoenix Avathar, which proved to be very enjoyable and a good fit. Since then, they have continued with tribal improv and fusion on their own and have taken classes with Melina of Daughters of Rhea. Kezmaya is having a grand time with Melina’s floorwork and slow moves class, which feels like yoga part of the time. So, now she gets to play again with music, adornment, and performing, and plans to pursue the belly dance adventure wherever it leads.

To contact Kezmaya, send an email to kezmaya (at) tassellations (dot) com.

All photos by RT2 Photography.

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